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Here are some tips on making soup!!!
Here are some tips on making Soup!!!

Some soups are intended for those with less time on their hands rapid boil and some intended for those who can let them simmer all day! Personally I prefer to take the long route. Soup that is simmered over low heat for several hours develops a packed rich flavour that can not be achieved otherwise.

One of the best things is you can make the soup ahead of time, refrigerating & reheat the Soup when needed! I find Soup freezes great, so you may want to double a soup recipe and freeze half of it for another time, when you don’t have that time to cook! I wouldn’t freeze it past 3 months.


Here are some tips for creating a marvellous soup:

• Be sure to use a large pot size called for in the recipe so that soup heats properly and has space to breath?

• When using dairy products, be sure to heat the soup very slowly. If soups contain any dairy products, such as milk, cream, eggs or cheese come to a boil, ingredients may separate and curdle. I tend to add these ingredients towards the end as possible.

• To avoid those annoying lumps from forming when trying to thickening your soup. The best trick I know is to use a wire whisk, and whisk some flour into a small amount of cold water using a wire whisk. Then whisk the flour mixture into the hot soup
• If you want to thicken your soup without using a flour mixture, just add mashed potatoes into the soup. Or use a blender to puree some cooked vegetables in the soup with a little broth; stir back into the soup. That will thicken it right up!

• Soup will often gather fat to the surface. The ideal way to remove fat from soup, is to refrigerate the soup for about 6 hours or overnight. The fat will rise to the surface and become firm. Then all you have to do is remove with a spoon before heating and serving

• Cover and refrigerate your soups for up to 3-4 days.

• But Careful with soups that are made with any kind of fish/shellfish. You should not keep it refrigerated more than 1 day.

• Once again soups with dairy products, or any type of thick soup, reheat patiently with a very low heat, stirring frequently. If you were to boil it rapidly may cause ingredients to separate and become lumpy!

• Thicker soups have a tendency to become thicker during storage. So be sure to add a little broth, milk or half-and-half while reheating until the soup reaches the desired consistency

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