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How to Make a Watermelon Basket



1. Place the watermelon with the yellow spot, if any, on the bottom and out of view. Be sure it is in a stable position so it will not roll.


2. Measure the diameter of the watermelon. Find the center and add 1/2 inch. Using a marker, mark a line horizontally around the watermelon so you can slice off the top evenly.


3. Before cutting, you will need to trace the handle.


4.Take the tip of your knife or garnishing tool and score the watermelon in half, horizontally. Then mark a strip of about 1 1/2 - 2 inches wide that will form the handle of your basket.


5. Next, take your garnishing tool and start cutting around the melon on the lines. The garnishing tool naturally makes V shaped cuts, which makes doing a basket like this a breeze. If you do not have a garnishing tool, use a small knife and make the V cuts one side at a time. You could also forget the V and make straight cuts. Or make shapes, like hearts...


6. Carefully separate the cut sides from the body of the watermelon.


7. Take a melon baller and hollow out the inside of the watermelom.


8.After removing all the edible parts, take a large spoon and gently scrape out the sides of your "basket". Be care not to scrape too thinly on the handle, as you want it to have some stability, even though you will never try to carry it this way.


9.. Mix the watermelon balls (or pieces, if you don't have a melon baller) with other ripe fresh fruits. To make the handle garnish, thinly slice lemons, limes or oranges and use a toothpick to stick to them, along with a grapes, melon ball or cherry, to the watermelon.

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