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Exceptional Eggs-How to Color Easter Eggs With Food Dyes

Did you know This Easter tradition of dying eggs dates back to ancient Egyptian times???

Tips to Bake the Perfect Cookie

Want to make a yummy cookie.... here are some quick easy tips!

How to Make Kids French Toast Sticks with step by step instructions!

A yummy way to start your day.

How to Make a Watermelon Basket
How To Make a Watermelon Basket Step by Step with Pictures

How to Make Mexican Enchiladas Step-By-Step with Pictures
Make Great Enchiladas at home! Here are some easy step by step instructions!

Making your Own Pumpkin Purée

Another problem you may come across when using Pumpkin recipes, is that they always tend to call for CANNED PUMPKIN. Well there is a simple solution to that.

Ingredient Substitutions

Don't you hate it when you’re in the middle of baking something when you suddenly realize that a key ingredient is missing? Well this is my handy substitutions list I keep handy, which I find quite useful!

Cooking with Garlic
A common ingredient in a wide range of dishes from salad dressings to stir-fries, garlic is even easier to work with than you may think.

Here are some tips on making soup!!!

What’s the best thing when it’s cold outside???
A nice bowl of hot soup!!!

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